Hound Club of the NT



PO Box 569
Humpty Doo   0836
Northern Territory


Year Date/Results Judge  
2009 resultsMr D Mahoney (N)
2008 results Mrs Y Van der Horst (NT) 21st  Anniversary
2007 results Mr J Bink (ACT) 20 Year Anniversary
2006 results Ms M Clegg (V)
Dr L Cameron (Open Show)
2005 results Ms E Brown (Q)
Dr L Cameron (Open Show)
2004 results Mr K Summers (V)
Mr M Hammett (Open Show)
2003 results Mr A Poulton (N)
Mr M Hammett (Open Show)
2002 results Mr T Jones (T)
Mrs Y Van der Horst (Open Show)
2001 results Miss M Davies (Q)
Mr M Hammett (Open Show)
2000 results Mrs D Duffin (V)
Mrs Y Van der Horst (Open Show)
1999 results Mr J Lewington (S)  
1998 results Mr D McGreevy (Q)  
1997 results Mrs G Ford (V) 10 Year Anniversary
1996 results Mr W Schnitzer (S)
1995 results Mrs C Symmans (NZ)  
1994 results Mr W Douglas (V)  
1993 results Mrs V Tapp (SA)
1992 results Mrs J Hargraves (T)  
1991 results Mrs F McEvoy
Ms D Smith (NT)
1990 results Dr M Byrne (WA)
Mr L Reddie (ACT)
1989 results Mr W Burton (N)  
1988 results Mr D Mahoney  

1988 - Inaugural Parade - Judge Mrs J Russell - results

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